Christian’s easy Lattice Planner

Hey guys, here you can Download the latest version of “Christian’s easy Lattice Planer” for the LITE plan.


1. Convert Lattice PDF in XLSX here:
2. Open converted XLSX, select “Table 2” and there do this:
   => “Ctrl” + “A” (so you mark all)
     => at the same Tab right click in “A1” and then click “paste values”
3. Now all data are imported and you have only to copy the graphics of workload from the Lattice XLSX into your generated plan

Hope it Helps, If you have any trouble contact me by Facebook

Christian Häuser



Work with it:
1. Filter at cell “D11” all empty cells out so that you can see only your planed exercises

2. Check in the line “10” the estimated time you need per day for the planed exercises
     If the time for the exercises ist not correct for you, change the standard time at column “C”

3. Above the letters of the columns you see a “-” dash symbol, if you click at it you can reduce or expand the colums to see either the whole week, or just the summary of teh week

4. In the borown column you can see the sum of the planed exercises in that week right side of it. That helps you to see if you have all exercises planed in that week. (e.g.: In cell “E20” you see 2 exercises of Max Hangs are execute but you see in cell “F20” only 1 of these two are schedlued at the moment.)

Happy Latticing 🙂 Cheers Christian

Download latest Version: